The White Queen over after one season

The White Queen over after one season

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The War of the Roses era television series The White Queen will not have a second season, with some observers confused on whether or not the show was cancelled or was meant to last for just ten episodes.

Based on the novels of Philippa Gregory, The White Queen aired on the BBC this summer and is now being seen in the United States on Starz. A couple of days after the tenth and final episode aired the BBC announced there would be no second season. In their statement, the BBC said that the show “was never actually conceived as a returning series.”

Some observers believe that one more season was likely planned, but that disappointing ratings forced the BBC (which co-produced the series with Starz and Belgium’s VRT) to end it now. Episodes were drawing in between 3.5 and 5 million viewers in Great Britain, while the premiere episode in the US took in 2.6 million viewers.

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