Stone Age Timeline

Stone Age Timeline

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  • c. 2600000 BCE - c. 12000 BCE

    The Palaeolithic (or Old Stone Age) period, ranging from c. 2,6 million years ago until c. 12,000 years ago.

  • c. 12000 BCE

    The Pleistocene epoch, ranging from c. 12,000 years ago. It is characterised by repeated cycles of glacials and interglacials.

  • 40000 BCE - 10000 BCE

    Venus figurines are produced in Europe.

  • c. 17000 BCE - 15000 BCE

    Lascaux cave paintings.

  • c. 12000 BCE - c. 9000 BCE

    The Mesolithic (or Middle Stone Age), lasting from the end of the last Ice Age until the start of agriculture, between c. 9000-c. 4000 BCE.

  • c. 11700 BCE

    End of the most recent glacial episode within the current Quaternary Ice Age.

  • 9000 BCE

    Wild sheep flocks are managed in the Zagros mountains.

  • 9000 BCE

    Cultivation of wild cereals in the Fertile Crescent.

  • c. 9000 BCE - c. 3300 BCE

    The Neolithic (or New Stone Age), lasting from the start of agriculture between c. 4000 BCE until the beginning of bronze use c. 3300 BCE.

  • 8000 BCE

    Ovens in use in the Near East are applied to pottery production.

  • 7500 BCE

    Long-distance trade in obsidian begins.

  • 7000 BCE

    Domestication of goats.

  • 6700 BCE

    Domestication of sheep.

  • 6500 BCE

    Textiles of flax.

  • 6500 BCE

    Domestication of pigs.

  • c. 6200 BCE

    First copper smelting in Anatolia.

  • c. 6000 BCE

    First irrigation.

  • 6000 BCE

    Domestication of cattle.

  • 5000 BCE

    Irrigation and agriculture begin in earnest in Mesopotamia.

  • 5000 BCE

    Hierarchical societies emerge in southeast Europe.

  • 5000 BCE - 3000 BCE

    Megalithic structures erected at Carnac, north-west France.

  • 5000 BCE - 4000 BCE

    Megaliths are erected at the Neolithic site of Locmariaquer, north-west France.

  • 4500 BCE

    Invention of the plow.

  • 4300 BCE

    First megalithic tombs in Europe.

  • 4000 BCE

    Use of wool for textiles.

  • 3650 BCE

    Invention of the wheel.

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