Buena Ventura AK - History

Buena Ventura AK - History

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Buitenzorg is a city in western Java.

(AK: dp. 14,538; 1. 464'; b. 44'2"; dr. 27'7"; s. 12.5 k.;
cpl. 70; a. 1 6", 1 3")

Buitenzorg (No. 2793), a freighter, was launched in 1916 by Kon. Maats. de Schelde, Vlissengen, Holland, for Dutch owners; seized 20 March 1918 at New York by customs officials and turned over to the Shipping Board; transferred to the Navy the following day; and cominissioned 29 March 1918, Lieutenant (junior grade) H. R. Epeland, USNRF, in command.

Assigned to the Naval Overseas Transportation Service, Buitenzorg delivered general cargo to various French ports, making three round trips before the war ended. On her fourth voyage in November 1918 she was used as an animal transport, discharging her cargo at Quiberon and St. Nazalre, France. She made two more crossings in 1919 while operated by the Navy. On her sixth and last trip she was ordered to proceed to Rotterdam, Holland, and was returned to her Dutch owners 17 July 1919.

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