Medieval England

Medieval England

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Here is the listing of our resources about medieval England (dating from 1066 to 1500) including articles, videos, books and more

Features about Medieval England

Medieval History Podcasts from the National Archives – listen to ten podcasts about Britain’s medieval history

The Bayeux Tapestry – articles, books and videos about the most famous embriodery from the Middle Ages

The Clopton Charter at Brock University – read how a 13th century English charter was found in Canada

Medieval England in the News

Medieval African discovered in England

England’s 700 year old Coronation Chair to be restored

Medieval Badge with Three Lions Discovered – an omen for England at the World Cup?

Tunnels discovered under medieval house in England

This is 15th Century English, but what does it say?

Bosworth Battlefield conference adds more insights into its rediscovery

Medieval Glass at York Minster saved from Fire

Seven Ages of Britain series to begin on BBC

Huge Medieval Waterwheel discovered in Greenwich, England

Article examines the Dress Accessories of Medieval Peasants in England

Murder in Medieval London was relatively low, study says

Model replica of medieval Newport ship being built

How did King Harold die at the Battle of Hastings

Medieval women of Wharram Percy were stronger than city counterparts, scholar finds

Ledbury: A Market Town and its Tudor Heritage

£357,430 for research into Middle English verse forms

Colchester Castle and Torre Abbey receive funding

Site of the Battle of Bosworth discovered

The Jewel Accounts of Henry III of England

Monasteries of Ely and Bury St Edmunds feuded over church

Hundred Years War Online Database Launched

New account found about Robin Hood

Medieval water mill found in Greenwich

Gascon Rolls – Important medieval records to go online

Medieval Royal Palace at Dover Castle to Re-open

Dering Roll – roll of arms from the reign of Edward I

Medieval canals discovered in Lincolnshire

The man who could have been Henry VIII

Articles about Medieval England

Commercial Activity and Population Growth in Medieval England

The Second Century of English Feudalism

Popular revolt and unrest in England during the second half of the reign of Henry VI

A parliament full of rats?Piers Plowmanand the Good Parliament of 1376

The comital military retinue in the reign of Edward I

Some Ambiguities Of Late Medieval Religion In England

Norfolk, 1382: A Sequel to the Peasants’ Revolt

The monastic patronage of King Henry II in England, 1154-1189

Crime and Conviviality: The Social Space of Urban Drinking-Houses in Medieval England

The Minster Churches of Beverley, Ripon and Southwell 1066-c.1300

A Case of Indifference? Child Murder in Later Medieval England

Childhood in Medieval England, c.500-1500

Medieval Microcredit? Pledging and Rural Credit in England During the Middle Ages


Monarchy with David Starkey

Westminster Abbey and Palace

More Resources

Guide to Dover Castle

Guide to Medieval Lincoln

Interview with Ian Moritmer – author of The Time Traveller’s Guide to Medieval England: A Handbook for Visitors to the Fourteenth Century

Books about Medieval England

Here is a list of some general books about medieval England, along with links to their pages on Amazon.com, which would be good starting points for those interested in the subject:

The Oxford Illustrated History of Medieval England

Medieval England: Hastings to Bosworth

Medieval England, 1000-1500: A Reader

Who’s Who in Early Medieval England 1066-1272

Who’s Who in Late Medieval England 1272-1485

Standards of Living in the Later Middle Ages: Social Change in England c.1200-1520

Medieval England: Its Social and Economic Origins and Development

England in the Thirteenth Century
England in the Reign of Edward III

The Wars of the Roses: Politics and the Constitution in England, c.1437-1509

The Making of England to 1399

The Feudal Kingdom of England, 1042-1216

England in the Later Middle Ages

Watch the video: Time Team Digs 06 Medieval England 2002 (June 2022).


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